What do I do when I have lost or never received my vehicle renewal notice?

Registered owner on record, bring in:

  1. Driver License 
  2. Plate or serial number for the vehicle wanting to register
  3. Insurance information (insurance company name, policy number & policy expiration date: mm/dd/yyyy)

Customer not the registered owner, follow procedures below.

*Record Owner(s) may allow someone other than themselves to renew vehicle registration if:

1.  You give your current renewal notice, mailed by the department, to person coming in on your behalf. 


2.  You are the record owner's spouse, who has the same address as the vehicle owner on your driver license.


3.  You give a written note or power of attorney with a live signature, authorizing the purchase of vehicle registration for the year, make, model and plate or serial number.

These individuals may not change anything on the vehicle record, including the address, or apply for duplicate plates without clear written authorization from record owner to do so.

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