Body Worn Camera Program

Image of Axon Body Worn Camera


  • Officer transparency
  • Accountability
  • Evidentiary proof
  • Public confidence in law enforcement
  • Enhanced officer training


The Morrison County Sheriff Office is currently in the process of looking at the implementation of Body Worn Cameras (BWC) for all our deputies.

We have had the opportunity in the past several months to review various vendors that provide this type of system. Our office also focused on vendors that can have their BWC’s work in conjunction with the cameras in our patrol cars. 

The data that is obtained will be stored with an evidence management system provided by the camera vendor.  Data is classified, audited, stored, and filed digitally as evidence. These digital files are uploaded wirelessly and accessed over a secured system which can also be utilized by other agencies such as the County Attorney's office at the discretion of Morrison County Sheriff's Office.


The 2016 Minnesota Legislative Session as well as the League of Minnesota Cities, provided requirements and guidelines for Minnesota law enforcement agencies who are looking at implementing a BWC program. 

Public Input

One of the requirements that was identified is that agencies need to provide opportunities for public comment accepted by mail and email. It also requires that the Authority Council allows for public comment at one of their regular meetings.

The Sheriff's Office wants to have support from the community as well as the deputies that will be wearing the camera.  We understand the importance for community input as we go through this process.  The benefits as well as the potential challenges that might arise, need to be discussed, and input from the community is an integral part of this process.   

A survey has been created to facilitate this process.  Please submit your responses by using one of the following methods:

    Print Version BWC SURVEY (PDF)


Policy requirements and guidelines have been provided to Morrison County Sheriff's Office. A draft policy based on statute requirements as well as a model policy provided:

  • League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust
  • Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust
  • Minnesota Chiefs of Policy Association
  • Minnesota Association of City Attorneys
  • Minnesota County Attorneys Association
  • Minneapolis Police Department, St. Paul Police Department, Cannon Falls Police Department, Burnsville Police Department and Columbia Heights Police Department 

We are seeking community feedback and comments regarding this draft policy. This policy is available on this page, by calling the Sheriff's Office (320) 632-9233 or stopping at the Office in person.