Cost Recovery Fee

Minnesota Law requires the parent who applied for full child support services to pay a fee, which is called a cost recovery fee. This fee is two percent (2%) of the amount of the support. This fee is collected monthly until the yearly maximum is reached.

For more information, visit Minnesota Statutes 518A.51.

  1. Who Pays the Fee?
  2. is the fee ever waived?
  3. Yearly maximum fee
  4. what if you do not want to pay the fee?

The parent who applied for child support services pays the cost recovery fee.

If the parent receiving support applied for services, the fee is subtracted and sent to that parent.

Example:  If the child support office collects $150 per month, the fee would be $3 per month.  The amount sent to the parent would be $147.

If the parent paying the support applied for services, the fee is added to the parent's monthly support obligation.  

Example:  If the child support is $150 per month, the parent's fee would be $3 per month.  The monthly amount due would then be $153.