Election Judges

A message from Minnesota Secretary of State, Steve Simon 


"Dear Minnesota Election Judges:

 You deserve special thanks and recognition this year. In most years, being an election judge is a valuable public service. But in 2020, being an election judge is more than that; it’s extraordinary and heroic. I’m truly grateful to you.

The vitality of our democracy is at stake. Minnesotans feel strongly about the right to vote. In fact, our state has been #1 in voter participation for the last two elections in a row. But the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety. Without safe and reliable polling places, run by well-trained election judges, Minnesotans might not show up in such large numbers this year. That’s where you come in. A statewide election requires around 30,000 election judges.

With your help, our polling places will be clean, secure, accessible, and efficient. You and your fellow election judges will also enjoy the protection of masks, disinfectants, and other supplies for the purpose of maximizing your safety. We all share the same goal of ensuring that Minnesotans do not have to choose between their health and their right to vote.

The entire state owes you a special debt of gratitude. I appreciate your commitment to making democracy real for all voters. Good luck on Election Day."

In order to be an Election Judge, the following material needs to be reviewed: