Victim Services

The Morrison County Attorney's Office provides assistance and information to crime victims. We strive to provide the following to victims: 


  • Plea negotiations and agreements
  • Changes in court schedules, date, time and place of sentencing
  • Decisions made not to prosecute a domestic assault or harassment case
  • Final disposition of the case
  • The release of the offender from prison or an institution


  • Request a speedy trial
  • Object to any plea agreement or the proposed disposition
  • Attend sentencing and the opportunity to submit an impact statement either orally or in writing to the court
  • Be present at the sentencing and plea hearings

Right to protection from harm

  • Tampering with a witness is crime
  • Victims/witnesses do not have to give their address in open court
  • Right to a secure waiting room
  • Employers may not dismiss or discipline victims/witnesses when they are called to testify in court

Right to apply for financial assistance

  • Victims may apply for financial assistance (reparations) from the state if they have suffered economic loss as a result of a crime
  • Victims may request the court to order the defendant to pay restitution if the defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty