Report an Emergency- 911

Reporting an Emergency (911)

 You should call 911 if:

  • You believe someone is being hurt or is in danger.
  • You believe property is being damaged.
  • A crime is in progress or just occurred.
  • Someone needs medical attention.
  • There is a fire or signs of a fire such as smoke.
  • A potential hazardous materials or chemical spill.
  • An alarm of any kind is going off, including burglary, robbery, fire and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • A motor vehicle accident has occurred.
  • You hear gunshots.

If you are in doubt, call 911. Morrison County 911 Communications staff will assist you and dispatch help.

Providing emergency information to 911

Telecommunicators ask several questions to help determine the appropriate assistance to send. As you are providing the telecommunicator with information on the phone, they are entering the call in the dispatch computer, and the dispatcher is giving the information to the officers responding.

The exact questions a caller is asked varies based on the reason for the call and urgency of the situation, but may include:

Where do you need help?

This is the single most important piece of information. If you don’t have an address (the location is an intersection, park area, lake, etc.), you may be asked for more direction. Telecommunicators will also ask for a floor number, suite number, apartment number or other ways we might find you in a building.

What is your phone number?

Responders may need to get more information from you later, or an officer may need to speak with you.

What is your name?

Callers can remain anonymous, but it may impact the officer’s ability to provide help in some situations.

What happened?  What is your emergency?

We are mainly interested in what is happening now, including names and descriptions of suspects, victims or witnesses.