GIS Fees/Data Request

Paper Maps

Paper map pricing.
Item Fee
Custom Maps
$50 Minimum, $50 per hour after the first hour
Additional Copies $3 per square foot


Prices for laminating options.
Item Small 18 x 24 24 x 36 36 x 48  
Laminating Only $3 $5 $6 N/A  

Digital Data Request

Prices for digital data files. Aerial photos in Morrison County Coordinates.
Item Fee Comments
Parcel Map Layer Open Click Here for Download
Baseline Tax/CAMA Data $350 each  
2017 3"/9" Digital Ortho Aerial Photo $30 Per Section
2017 3"/9" Digital Ortho Aerial Photo $250 Per Township
2017 3"/9" Digital Ortho Aerial Photo $2,500 Countywide
2020 3"/6" Digital Ortho Aerial Photo $50 Per Section
2020 3"/6" Digital Ortho Aerial Photo $500 Per Township
2020 3"/6" Digital Ortho Aerial Photo $4,000 Countywide
Custom Data Call for fee  


  1. Brad Bolton

    GIS Coordinator

Physical Address 
213 1st Avenue SE
Little FallsMN 56345

Some popular map layers will be made available to the public. Please view the disclaimer below. 

For data requests contact GIS at 320-631-0834, email GIS, or use Data Request Form.

Beacon GIS Subscriptions

Prices for Beacon subscriptions.
Item Fee Comments
Beacon - 24 hour $6 Credit/Debit Card Only
Beacon - 1 Month $30 Credit/Debit Card Only
Beacon - Annual $300 Credit/Debit Card Only
Beacon - Government Agency N/A Contact GIS at 320-631-0834 or email GIS
Beacon/Landshark - Public Terminal Limited Free Access Located near Recorder's office

Users create and subscribe their own accounts on Beacon. For help or questions, contact GIS at 320-631-0834 or email GIS.

Professional Services and GIS Consulting

Prices for GIS Services.
Item Fee Comments
Hourly Rate $60 per hour 1 hour minimum

Mailing Labels (From Beacon or produced in house)

Mailing labels.
Product Fee Comments
Mailing Label Data (CSV etc) $.03 per address Minimum Charge $25 - Owner Name, Address, City, St, Zip - complex request

Data/Service Payment Options: Cash and checks are accepted. Please make payable to: Morrison County GIS. Sales tax of 6.875% will be applied towards purchases.

Beacon GIS Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card only.

**Additional Services and Data are available. Call (320) 631-0834 for more information.**


Morrison County makes no representation or warranties, either expressed or implied, for the merchantability or fitness of the data for a particular purpose. Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 466.03, subd. 21, Morrison County does not guarantee the accuracy of the material herein contained and is not responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of the information.