Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness

A key role of local health departments and health care partners in planning and response is to consider the impacts to people in a community when:

  • Public health
  • Health care
  • Behavioral health systems 

are compromised or unavailable during and after a disaster. Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) covers a wide range of programs that support capabilities put in place nationally by the Centers for Disease Control. All plans and programs take access and functional needs into consideration and have integrated needs and appropriate response techniques into PHEP work in Morrison County. Public health preparedness officials work with other government agencies and community partners to ensure that the community is doing everything that can be done to:

  • Mitigate / reduce the risk of harm from an emergency
  • To prepare for an effective response when an emergency occurs
  • To recover as quickly as possible. 

For more information visit the MDH Emergency Preparedness and Response website.

MN Responds

Minnesota Responds Medical Reserve Corps (MN Responds MRC) is part of a nationwide initiative to:

  • Preregister
  • Manage
  • Mobilize volunteers 

to help their communities respond to all types of disasters. The Minnesota Department of Health provides the framework for coordinating multiple local, regional and state based programs of volunteers who have:

  • Medical
  • Public Health
  • Other needed skills.

The structure of each MN Responds MRC unit varies, depending on its own unique requirements and on the needs of the people and community that it serves. Volunteers donate their time and expertise in the area where they live, making it easier for them to help their own family, neighborhood and community.

Interested in helping in an emergency? Register as a volunteer through MN Responds here for MN Responds Registration.  

Reach out to Morrison County Public Health’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for more information or if you need assistance with registration at 320-632-6664.