Driver's License

REAL ID and Enhanced ID


Servicing all transactions by walk-in. Appointments are still available but are not required.

Pre-App webpage, Pre-Apply for a Driver's License or ID

Online Appointment Scheduling (Appointments here are not for written or driving tests)

Road Tests

Road tests are done by appointment in our Exam Station

Suspension or Revocation Fee

We do accept suspension and reinstatement fees. They must be paid by cash, check or credit card. There is an $11 filing fee added for each reinstatement fee charged.

Driver’s License Information

Renewal Notes

If you are under the age of 18 you will need a parent or legal guardian’s signature. You will need to know your Social Security Number for any Driver’s License transaction. Renewing for your 21st Birthday: You may renew your driver’s license no more than 60 days before your 21st birthday.

ID cards

First Time Applicants

For first time applicants we will need 2 forms of identification documents. You will need to supply your Social Security Number. If you quality for a Reduced fee ID, as defined in Minnesota Statues, section 252A.02; section 169.345, subdivision 2 or section 245.462, subdivision 20, paragraph (c) please contact your Medical professional or Social Worker for the application for the 50 cent ID card.

Duplicate License or ID Requests

Duplicate license requests for an address change or a lost/stolen license. As a Minnesota Resident you are to have your address changed within 30 days after a move within Minnesota. Fee is $23

Name Change

If you legally change your name through marriage, divorce, or a court order, you must show proof of the change. You must present a certified marriage certificate, a certified court order specifying the name change, or a certified divorce decree or dissolution of marriage certificate specifying the name change. If you have had a series of name changes, you must provide documentation of all of those changes. The Social Security Administration Office must be notified and name change updated on file with their office no less than 72 hours prior to coming to our office.

You are required by law to change your name on your license or ID within 30 days of the change.

New or Returning to the State

If you are applying for a first-time permit, you will need to go to the testing station first. Individuals under 21 or an expired Out-of-state license, entering the State for the first time or returning to Minnesota will need to take a written test. You will need to bring documentation to confirm your name and how you got the name you are using.

Social Security Number Requirements

When applying for your driver’s license, driver’s permit or state identification card you must provide your Social Security number according to Minnesota State Statute 171.06 and the Social Security Act, 42 USC. 666(a) (13). Your Social Security number is also required to determine your eligibility for a commercial driver’s license under federal motor carrier safety regulations, 49 C.F.R. 383.153. It is used to administer child support enforcement programs and locate individuals to establish paternity. It is also used to confirm your identity and residential address with the Social Security Administration, the Minnesota Department of Revenue, the Internal Revenue Service, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the Minnesota Department of Human Services.