Real Estate

Abstract Title

An abstract of title is a condensed history of all deeds, mortgages and other documents relating to land. In Morrison County our earliest land records date back to 1870.

Abstract Title Fees

Abstract Recording Fees Minnesota Statutes Section 357.18:

  • $46 Real Estate documents
  • $50 Well certificate
  • $56 Plats
  • $10 Certified copies (per document)

Torrens Title

Torrens title is a system of registration of land titles by District Court Order resulting in the creation of a Certificate of Title with all subsequent transactions affecting the property noted upon the certificate. 

Torrens Title Fees

Torrens Recording Fees Minnesota Statutes Section 508.82:

  • $46 Real Estate documents
  • $20 For a memorial on multiple certificates 
  • $40 Residue certificate
  • $50 Well certificate

Payment Methods

  • Payment methods include cash, checks or money orders.
  • Morrison County does not collect a conservation fee.

State & Federal Tax Liens

Are filed in our office by taxpayer name.