Elections & Voting

Office Election Duties

The Auditor’s office administers the county functions of Federal, State and Local elections. This process involves:

  • Absentee voting administration
  • Abstracts
  • Administering county recounts
  • Ballot layout
  • Candidate filings
  • Election day signature rosters
  • Election judges training
  • Election night results
  • Electronic tabulation programming
  • Maintaining voter history
  • Registration of voters

Election Notices

  • March 2023 Referendum Petition (PDF)

    Only date signed & printed names available to view, all other information is redacted. 

  • Ballot Question will be on the November 5th, 2024 General Election ballot to determine if the Auditor-Treasurer position shall remain elected.  

This office is a resource to cities, townships and school districts in the election process.

Elected Officials

View a current listing of Township Officials, City Officials and County Commissioners (PDF). The listing is updated as necessary, with some Township elections being held in March, and most City and some Township elections in November. The Townships that have moved their elections to November are indicated on the listing with double stars and a light green highlighting.

The listing shows all of the officials for the townships listed in alphabetical order, followed by the officials for the cities listed in alphabetical order. The County Commissioners are shown at the end of the list, in district number order. You can use the search feature in the browser to locate a particular township or city.