The lakes, streams, rivers in Morrison County cover approximately 20,000 acres of the County and an additional 195,000 acres are covered by wetlands. Combined, the surface water features cover approximately 30% of the County. The lakes, streams, rivers and the protected wetlands of the County are governed by the Morrison County Land Use Control Ordinance.  For property owners who live on or near the Mississippi River there is also The Mississippi Headwaters Board Comprehensive Management Plan to refer to.

The classification of lakes as well as structure setbacks, bluffs, vegetation and topographic alterations are addressed in this ordinance. Permits are required for all construction, grading and filling, and other shoreline projects.

Water Plan

The Morrison County Soil and Water Conservation District took over the implementation of the Local Water Plan in 2009. The current Comprehensive Local Water Plan (PDF) is for 2017-2022. The first section of the plan provides an introduction to the County’s comprehensive local water planning program, a state-local partnership that Morrison County has participated in for over ten years. It also provides the history and purpose of local water planning and past implementation efforts in the County. 

In addition, this section describes the process to develop this Plan and some suggestions on how the Plan can be used to better manage the water and land related resources in Morrison County.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)