Inmate Phone Information

Phone Cards

You may purchase phone cards for an inmate, contact Reliance Telephone at the Reliance Telephone website or call 800-896-3201.

Collect Calls

To guarantee collect calls from an inmate to your home or cell phone, you will need to contact Reliance Telephone to set up an account. Visit the Reliance Telephone website or call 800-896-3201.


You can dial 320-412-3884 and leave a message for the person incarcerated. You will dial the number and follow the instructions. The detained person can retrieve your voicemail message anytime he or she has access to the phone. The messages will be retained for three days and then automatically deleted.

Please be advised that the messages are not confidential!

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Information

The Morrison County Jail currently uses a UBIDUO to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing.